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Network Communication Protocols

Who is the material made for?

This course is targeted for entry level cyber security enthusiasts. The course offers foundational aspects for students, professionals, and researchers on Network Communication Protocols.

This course can be leveraged for revising the foundational topics and as a start for beginners in the field.

The teaching modules and the handson challenges are designed to get familiar with elementary concepts of communication protocols that are used in daily operations.


Network protocols form a foundation for communication on the Internet.

They are used in daily operations such as file transfer, connecting to a remote host, web browsing, voice  calling, conferencing, and streaming.


It is imperative to have secure communication to preserve confidentiality and integrity. This module aims at understanding the security concepts behind network communication protocols and the attack vectors around them.

The motivation to learn attacks on network communication protocols lies in the need to strengthen network security, respond effectively to incidents, conduct ethical hacking and penetration testing, design secure networks, analyze threats, and pursue a successful career in cybersecurity.


If the above interests you, join us on this journey to learn about the Network Communication Protocols and the prevailing attack vectors. Examples of attacks include Heartbleed and Eternal Blue. The module includes learning material and handson exercises with challenges.