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Security Event Processing

Who is the material made for?

The target group for this module are students, security professionals and researchers who have a background on cybersecurity.

The course is applicable for individuals who are familiar with cyber attacks and cyber events. Furthermore, the course is applicable for individuals who are enthusiastic in Cyber Threat Intelligence.


With evolving cyber threats and strategies, it is crucial to be able to detect threats to minimize the impact. Security Event Processing (SEP) is important for handling of incidents, threat detection and hunting. In this course, we will learn about the importance of Security Event Processing and its role in Incident Response and threat detection.


Since the threat landscape is constantly evolving, it is necessary to detect threats and acting in realtime. The motivation to learn about Security Event Processing therefore lies in the need to detect and respond to security incidents, conduct effective incident investigation and forensics, extract threat intelligence, monitor security and comply with regulations, perform security analytics and threat hunting, and enhance overall security posture.

By mastering SEP techniques, individuals can play a crucial role in protecting organizations from evolving cyber threats. In this module, you will learn more about SEP and some handson challenges in detecting cyber incidents from events and logs.